The Product:

A mathematical fun game, based on a patent-  pending method for learning math, developed by Dr. Ronen Ben Nun. The game develops  mathematical thinking abilities, decision-making skills, and boosts the sharing of thinking strategies.

Problem Description:

Mathematical card games are used worldwide for fun, and educational purposes. Most of them require the players to solve a specific exercise that has a single solution, such as “5+2=?”. Therefore, there is no: (1) tutor and sharing of strategic thinking processes, (2) built-in mechanism for gradual math skill development and challenge, nor (3) use of order of arithmetic operations.

Our Solution:

A mathematical fun game that is based on a patent- pending method for learning math. The game:

Matinko - a game layout proposal
  • Promotes the sharing of thinking strategies and mutual tutor.

  • Provides a variety of solutions to a given exercise.

  • Includes five levels of difficulty for gradual skill development.

  • Takes into consideration the order of arithmetic operations.

In the game, an exercise is built using one of the templates given and then, each player in turn tries to solve the exercise using the cards he/she holds.

Target Audience:

Ages 9 and above, families, educational institutions and math challenge lovers.

Competitive Products:

Among the popular games one can find: “7 ate 9”, “Zoom”, flash cards, “Snap it up” and others – all of which involve the players solving a specific exercise with a single solution.



Dr. Ronen Ben Nun, CEO and founder of Mathinko 2019, Summa Cum Laude Graduate of the Technion– Israel Institute of Technology.


Current State:

  • Patent-pending for a method for learning math in the USA with the possibility to expand worldwide.

  • Mathinko game is well defined, designed and ready for mass production.

  • We are looking for global distributors and educational institutions for collaboration.

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How to play Mathinko

In this video you can watch and see how the game is played step by step.

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